I'm a girl married to a boy and together we made four amazing, wild little people. They have been my muses and have helped inspire a love for portraits that are compelling, dream-like or real. My senses and my heart are attuned to the beauty, color, light and little ones that fill my days. I fell in love with how the camera lets me frame these things. People are masterpieces and what stirs me is soul-filled imagery. I take pictures to remember my newborn's breath on my neck. To remember the way the sun felt on my face. I take pictures because of how his head rested just under my chin and I felt like I was holding the whole world in my arms. I take pictures because upon seeing them, I can recall the voice of someone I love that I have not heard in years. I take pictures to hold on and to reflect in a small way, the glory of God and the beauty of what is real as we bear His image. I desire to cast light on some what is true and beautiful in whatever stage you are in and help you tell your stories in a creative way. We are a fragile, amazing and fearfully made group of beings. So come as you are with your scars, wrinkles, or rolls. Come with your joys and heartaches. That is where I see beauty, in the everyday, stories, and relationships that make up our life, in the midst of all that is our glorious and broken humanity. It's an honor to try and help you remember your stories and the ones you love through pictures. I have a soft spot for black and whites, but also do color in a film-inspired natural way. I'm available for lifestyle photography and portraiture. I especially love natural light, pregnancy, family and adoption photography. I am available in the Chattanooga area.